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Live Green

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Did you know that a tree decomposing in the forest emits more carbon dioxide into the air than burning that same tree in an efficient burning Hearthstone pellet or woodstove.

At Hearthstone, our business is filling family homes with warmth – not just today, but for future generations as well. Whether fueled by wood, pellet or gas, our family of stoves offers viable alternative heat sources that are highly environmentally conscious.


Our wood and pellet stoves utilize modern, low emission combustion technology to create carbon-neutral burning – a factor that is a top priority for us. Similarly, our gas stoves bring the benefits of efficient zone heating , and accordingly help reduce CO2 emissions. And our Hergom foundry is committed to innovative programs and new initiatives that mitigate our impact on the environment. These environmental efforts are aimed to meet the European IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) standards.

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We are working hard to preserve nature by providing heating solutions which can help lessen the greenhouse effect. And we will continue to make climate protection – both today and tomorrow – a vital important goal.


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