A Vermont Company

HearthStone is proud to be a Vermont company. Located in Morrisville, Vermont, we know about keeping your home warm and comfortable in all seasons.

Vermont Craftsmen

For years, our dedicated Vermont craftsmen have been committed to building quality stoves, handcrafting each HearthStone to meet the highest standards using the finest materials and the most advanced heating technology. As proof, every HearthStone soapstone stove is signed by the stove builder.

The HearthStone brand is an assurance – a guarantee that your appliance is built in the rich tradition of our company, and will serve you faithfully for years to come.

Thanks for making HearthStone part of your life.

A Hearthstone employee builds a soapstone stove

Life with HearthStone

Hear from one of our customers on what life is like having a HearthStone product in the home.

Video credit: Todd Anders Johnson @risanmedia

A graphic depicting Hearthstone's Green Energy Promise

Our Green Energy Promise

HearthStone is committed to providing heating solutions which are renewable, carbon neutral, and clean.

All of our wood stoves use modern, low emission combustion technology. They exceed even the strictest EPA guidelines, so you can be sure they burn clean today and for years to come.

HearthStone’s Green Energy promise is a promise for the future. By choosing sustainable heating solutions, we choose to protect our environment for future generations.

Heating with wood is carbon-neutral. A tree decomposing in the forest emits the same amount of carbon dioxide as burning that same tree in an efficient HearthStone wood stove.

Most of the fuel wood in the US and Canada is used within 40 miles of where it is harvested. When you consider everything that goes into processing and delivering other fuels, wood has a very low carbon footprint.

Our Green Energy seal is a reminder of HearthStone’s Green Energy promise.

Careers at HearthStone

Interested in joining the HearthStone team? Visit our Careers page for more information on job openings and what it’s like to be part of the HearthStone team.

A HearthStone tech assembles and builds a cast iron wood stove in Morrisville, Vermont