Our Fire Pit Grills

Bring the fire of the night sky down into your own backyard with our family of fire pits. Part of the unique sophistication of the HearthStone Outdoor fire pits is the optional cooking rings, allowing either soapstone, griddle or grill cooking options.

Harness The Fire

Prepare a meal for a crowd! The cooking rings add a fun and functional twist to a traditional fire pit. Choose from grill, griddle or soapstone rings for true versatility in your meal prep!

Easy to use and clean

Arrange the fire and coals to control the temp of your grill. Once you’re finished cooking, the enameled rings clean up easily.

Quality Construction

Forged in fire to hold fire, our fire pits are built to last a lifetime. The fire pit and cooking rings are constructed from solid cast iron parts produced in our Spanish foundry.

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