Genio Patio Oven

What is central to every successful gathering? The perfect hostess, of course. And what makes a more perfect hostess than being able to consistently deliver wood-fired deliciousness far into the evening? Whether your menu includes seared meats, perfectly browned breads, roasted vegetables or, of course, the most perfectly crisped and melty pizza, the HearthStone Outdoor Genio patio oven will deliver.

Genius Design

With unique features like a front prep shelf, a surface heat thermometer and one-handed front door handle, the Genio will surpass all of your expectations.

Soapstone Floor

Genio’s thick soapstone floor gives a consistent and reliable even heat for everything on your menu. Soapstone will also hold its heat longer than a regular fire bricks, giving you more cooking time from less wood. So, go ahead and put that dessert casserole in while you’re enjoying dinner!

Made in Vermont

In a world where it’s getting harder to appreciate American engineering and manufacturing, the HearthStone Outdoor Genio stands alone. Genio is designed and manufactured in the Green Mountains of Vermont, USA.

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