Genio Patio Oven

From: $2669* MSRP

The Genio is the ultimate premium experience in outdoor patio ovens. With a thick soapstone floor, the Genio follows a well-established cooking tradition for thousands of years: using the natural properties of soapstone for exceptional cooking results —endlessly delighting your guests.


Genius Design

With unique features like a front prep shelf, a surface heat thermometer and onehanded front door handle, the Genio will surpass all of your expectations.

Soapstone Floor

Genio’s thick soapstone floor gives a consistent and reliable even heat for everything on your menu. Soapstone will also hold its heat longer than a regular fire bricks, giving you more cooking time from less wood. So, go ahead and put that dessert casserole in while you’re enjoying dinner!

Made in Vermont

In a world where it’s getting harder to appreciate American engineering and manufacturing, the HearthStone Outdoor Genio stands alone. Genio is designed and manufactured in the Green Mountains of Vermont, USA.


Finish: Stainless Steel & Black Powder Coat

Fuel: Wood

Heat Up Time: 20 min

Model: 800-40WO15

Oven Capacity: 4.0

Oven Temp: Up to 750 °F

Weight Counter Top: 260


Rib Rack: 902-0032

Infrared Thermometer: 7200-540

Tool Set: 902-0013

Tool Rack: 902-0023

Leather Safety Gloves: 90-99031


Fabric Cover: 904-3213

Rolling Table: 902-0020

Rolling Cart: 901-4010


8 inches, Back & Side

Take your patio game to the next level

Rolling Cart

Use the optional rolling cart to extend your outdoor kitchen.

  • Stainless steel and powder coat finish match the patio oven.
  • Caster wheels allow you to move your patio oven around with ease.
  • The shelves provide storage space for supplies, tools, wood, and more.

Installation Notes

  • The oven ships ready to be installed outdoors, including the chimney and cap.
  • The oven may be installed in a 3-season porch with the addition of a chimney adapter kit and additional chimney pipe. *
  • Countertop ovens may be installed on non-combustible surfaces using the feet included with the unit.
  • Ember protection: A non-combustible floor is required in front of the oven equal to the width of the oven and extending 18” in front of the oven opening.*
  • Burn only natural firewood (known as cordwood). This oven is not designed to burn other fuels.

* Always refer to the HearthStone Owner’s Manual and the local authority having jurisdiction in your area for the specific installation requirements for your product.

** Recommended maximum temperature.

Installation & Resources

Patio Oven 4.0 Owner’s Manual