EPA 2020 Standards

On May 15th of 2020, EPA regulations took effect requiring solid fuel heaters (wood stove, fireplaces, and inserts) to emit less than 2 grams/ hour of soot when tested according to new standards, known as New Source Performance Standards (NSPS). These new clean air standards are intended to make new heaters significantly cleaner and improve air quality in communities where people burn wood for heat.

This new rule has given HearthStone the opportunity to take a leadership position and develop some of the cleanest, most efficient stoves in existence today. Our TruHybrid technology is a breakthrough with measured efficiencies up to 80% and emissions down to 1/2 gram per hour.

Previously certified stoves will no longer be available for retail sale. Stoves that are already installed in homes, are still perfectly legal.

Visit the EPA website to learn more: https://www.epa.gov/residential-wood-heaters