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Hearthstone's Limited Lifetime Warranty

See your Owner's Info packet, or your original Owner's Manual, or contact a HearthStone Dealer for an explanation of HearthStone's Limited Warranty. Warranties can vary based on purchase date, manufacture date, or the collection the stove belongs to, or the type of stove it is.

Stoves purchased before 9/2001 are covered under different, varying warranty terms - see your original Owner’s Manual.
Stoves purchased after 9/2001 and manufactured before 5/31/2011 fall under our 'Limited Lifetime Warranty' - see your original Owner's Manual.
The Contemporary Line Stoves (Euro) manufactured before 5/31/2011 have different Limited Warranty terms - see your original Owner's Manual.
All Stoves & Inserts manufactured after 5/31/2011 fall under our new Comprehensive Warranty. These stoves ship with a separate warranty document enclosed in the Owner's Info packet.


Click here for a PDF of Hearthstone's Comprehensive Warranty. 



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