Our Wood Fireplaces

Our zero clearance fireplaces are designed to be framed into the wall as a home is being built. They are insulated for safety and include a built in fan to circulate warm air into you home.

Distinctive Style

Our ZC fireplaces feature chiseled cast iron facades and ledgestone interior panels.

Clean Combustion System

We use a self-regulating double combustion system that ensures your HearthStone burns cleanly.

Easy to Use

Control the stove with one lever. Turn your stove to high and stoke a big fire. Turn it all the way down to keep a fire burning overnight.

WFP 100

Model: 8420

Double doors provide a wide view into our largest fireplace.

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WFP 75

Model: 8411

The chiseled cast iron facade add a unique elegance to your living room.

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