We have been made aware that the certified pilots we sourced for these models are prone to internal corrosion or rust in the presence of LP (propane) gas, which might occlude the delivery of sufficient gas to the pilot, over time.  The internal materials used are corroding and scaling in the presence of propane (LP).  This is not visible externally.  This scale can then get entrained in the gas flow and clog up the orifice opening, completely or partially.  This is not an issue with natural gas (NG) or similar models with different model numbers.

Action: The referenced stoves converted to LP (propane) must be shut off until mitigation can be performed.  We will proactively replace pilots with all-stainless internal component models.  This is a straightforward part-change, and needs to be done by a qualified individual. 

Please fill out the information form here to allow us to keep track of the replacements.

Contact your Dealer or HearthStone with any questions or concerns.  ANY stove shipped from the factory after December 22, 2020 has an all-stainless pilot.  We are working with our Pilot Supplier to provide replacements in a timely fashion.  We will do our best to have your stove operating again as soon as possible.

For further inquiry, please email: pilot@hearthstonestoves.com

Proactive Replacement of Pilot Lights in Propane Stoves

This form will capture information of the consumers who may potentially need to replace the pilot light in their gas model stove.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. A HearthStone representative will contact you to follow up and schedule your replacement if necessary.