Our Wood
Fireplace Inserts

Lined with soapstone and built with integral blowers, our fireplace inserts will turn your drafty fireplace into a source of long-lasting comfortable heat.

Traditional Cast Iron Appeal

Our fireplace inserts present a clean-burning fire framed by beautifully finished cast iron, offering elegant style to your hearth.

Heating with Soapstone

The interiors of our inserts are lined with soapstone. The soapstone absorbs the heat of the fire and radiates it into your home rather than losing it up the chimney.

Easy to Use

A single lever air control lets you adjust the burn, and the built in blower automatically turns on once the fire is hot.


Model: 8492

Coming Soon: HearthStone’s classic insert with TruHybrid™ technology.

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GMi 70

Model: 8450

Our flush-face soapstone-lined fireplace insert.

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