Materials make a difference

Cast iron is an ideal material for the manufacture of wood heating products due to its durability, excellent heat conduction, and the possibilities it offers in design and surface finish.


Cast iron can withstand high temperatures and the cycle of heating and cooling associated with burning wood. A cast iron stove will provide decades of use.

Radiant Heat

Cast iron products emit pleasant, even, radiant heat. Cast iron has greater thermal inertia and therefore cools more slowly than steel, allowing you to continue to receive heat as the fire dies down.

Design and Finish

The process of casting iron allows for unique shapes and intricate details that give cast-iron products a unique authentic style. Cast iron may also be finished in vitreous porcelain enamel. This enamel protects and preserves the iron and is offered in a variety of brilliant colors that will shine for the life of the product.

Complete Production Process

HearthStone’s cast iron parts are produced and enameled by our parent company, Industrias Hergóm S.A., in Santander, Spain.  Working with Hergóm, HearthStone is able to guarantee the complete production process, including design, casting, finishing, and final assembly of every product.

Founded in 1960, Hergóm has been dedicated to the manufacture of home heat products and is today one of the leading companies in the sector worldwide. True to our ecological commitment, Hergóm continues to apply innovative programs and new initiatives aimed at mitigating the impact of our casting process on the environment. Our foundry complies with all the requirements of the European Integrated Environmental Authorization for the control and prevention of pollution since 12/24/2008.

Close up detail of a HearthStone cast iron stove