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Live In the Comfort Zone

There is nothing quite like sitting by a wood fire.

Every HearthStone wood burning product is a beautiful piece of furniture that will compliment the charm of your home and provide a cozy home, a comfortable place to relax with family and friends.

HearthStone invites you to live in the comfort zone.

HearthStone wood stoves stay warmer longer, keeping your home in the comfort zone.

HeatLife™ measures the total hours of usable heat from a single load of wood. HearthStone wood stoves use soapstone to retain heat and deliver consistent warmth long after the fire goes out, keeping your home in the comfort zone. The combination of combustion technology with the HeatLife™ of soapstone means you’re using less wood. Not only is your home warm and comfortable, but you’re saving money and heating efficiently.

Heating with Soapstone

Our stoves are built using soapstone. Soapstone is a natural material which can absorb the high heat of a fire, then radiate a gentle heat into the room. This means your home stays at a comfortable temperature, in the Comfort Zone.

The heat from soapstone is gentle, even and comfortable. You can sit close to a soapstone stove without getting the uncomfortable blast of heat you would feel from steel.

Once heated, soapstone stays warm for hours, making it the ideal material for overnight heating or for other long stretches of time when you can’t tend the fire. And, it makes re-starting your stove quick and easy.

Cast Iron + Soapstone

Our cast iron stoves are lined with soapstone on the inside of the firebox.

You can enjoy the style of an all cast iron stove, and also benefit from the powers of soapstone. Our cast iron stoves provide heat soon after lighting, and also say warm longer than other cast iron stoves thanks to the soapstone lining.

Our Green Energy Promise

HearthStone is committed to providing heating solutions which are renewable, carbon neutral, and clean.

All of our wood stoves use modern, low emission combustion technology. They exceed even the strictest EPA guidelines, so you can be sure they burn clean.

HearthStone’s Green Energy promise is a promise for the future. By choosing sustainable heating solutions, we choose to protect our environment for future generations.

A tree decomposing in the forest emits the same amount of carbon dioxide as burning that same tree in an efficient burning HearthStone wood stove. Heating with wood is carbon-neutral. When you choose to heat with wood, you are choosing a local renewable resource, using less fossil fuel and decreasing your carbon footprint.

Our Green Energy seal is a reminder of HearthStone’s Green Energy promise.

Clean Burning Technology

At Hearthstone, we believe that your stove should always burn clean.

We use a double combustion system that burns the wood twice. The wood is burned at the bottom of the stove and the gases from the wood are burned at the top of the stove. The result is clean and efficient combustion.

Our stoves are very easy to operate. We use a passive, self-regulating system ensures your Hearthstone burns cleanly and effectively on any setting.

With one lever, you control the burn rate. Turn your stove to high, and stoke a big fire. Turn it down to lower the fire once your home is warm. Turn it all the way to low to keep a fire burning overnight.