Summer Savings Spectacular

Save up to $2,700 ~ June 15th – August 4th

Summer Sale

Up to $800 OFF

In-store purchase of ALL HearthStone appliances at participating dealers.

ALL TruHybrid™ wood products are eligible for the 25C IRS Tax Credit of 30% of the total cost of purchase and installation up to $2000. Learn more about the 25C US Tax Credit HERE.

Purchase a new HearthStone stove, fireplace, or fireplace insert and receive the discount listed below.

ModelTruhybrid™ TechnologyIn-Store Savings:Total Savings up to:

Wood Stoves
Bari, Ceramic or SoapstoneTruhybrid™$700 OFF$2,700
Bari, SteelTruhybrid™$600 OFF$2,600
Bari PlusTruhybrid™$600 OFF$2,600
Mansfield Truhybrid™$500 OFF$2,500
Heritage, EnamelTruhybrid™$600 OFF$2,600
Heritage, Matte BlackTruhybrid™$500 OFF$2,500
Castleton, EnamelTruhybrid™$500 OFF$2,500
Castleton, Matte BlackTruhybrid™$400 OFF$2,400
LincolnTruhybrid™$200 OFF$2,200
Manchester, EnamelTruhybrid™$600 OFF$2,600
Manchester, Matte BlackTruhybrid™$500 OFF$2,500
Shelburne, EnamelTruhybrid™$500 OFF$2,500
Shelburne, Matte BlackTruhybrid™$400 OFF$2,400
CraftsburyTruhybrid™$400 OFF$2,400
Green Mountain 80Truhybrid™$400 OFF$2,400
Green Mountain 60Truhybrid™$400 OFF$2,400
Green Mountain 40Truhybrid™$400 OFF$2,400

Wood Fireplace Inserts
Clydesdale, EnamelTruhybrid™$600 OFF$2,600
Clydesdale, Matte BlackTruhybrid™$500 OFF$2,500
GMi-90, Enamel$600 OFF
GMi-90, Matte Black$500 OFF
GMi-70$600 OFF

Wood Fireplaces
WFP-100$800 OFF
WFP-75$600 OFF

Wood Cookstoves
Deva 100$700 OFF

Gas Stoves
Waitsfield, Enamel$600 OFF
Waitsfield, Matte Black$500 OFF
Bristol$500 OFF
Champlain, Enamel$500 OFF
Champlain, Matte Black$400 OFF
Stowe$400 OFF