Hearthstone Castleton Soapstone stove in matte black


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Clean and efficient with extra long burn times. The Castleton has all the essential features of a modern-day wood burning stove.


TruHybrid™ System

A 4-tube secondary combustion system with a fixed baffle ensures a clean burn before the catalyst performs the finishing touches.

Convenient Firebox

The square shape of the Castleton creates an 19″ wide by 17″ deep firebox. It is perfect for loading and arranging firewood.

Easy to Use

Turn your stove to high and stoke a big fire. Turn it all the way down to keep a fire burning overnight.


Hearthstone Castleton Soapstone stove in matte black






Hours of heat

EPA Certified




BTU: Up to 45,000

Efficiency: 77% HHV

EPA Certified: 0.69 g/hr

Finish: Brown Enamel, Matte Black, Seafoam Enamel

Firebox Capacity: 1.9 cu ft

Flue Exit Diameter: 6

Flue Exit Location: Top or Rear

HeatLife: 20 Hours of heat

Heats up to: 1,500

Maximum Log Length: 18″

Model: 8031

Stove Type: Soapstone Wood Stove

Weight: 475


Rear Heat Shield: 90-68300

Convection Blower: 90-57210

Outside Air Adapter: 90-53300


  • Side: 17″
  • Rear: 15″
  • Corner: 8″
    Single-wall connector pipe, no rear heat shield
  • Side: 17″
  • Rear: 8″
  • Corner: 8″
    Double-wall connector pipe with rear heat shield

EPA 2020

A new low emission standard for solid fuel heaters takes effect in 2020.

On May 15th of 2020, new EPA regulations take effect which require wood burning heaters to emit less than 2 grams/hour of soot. This new rule has given HearthStone the opportunity to take a leadership position and develop some of the cleanest, most efficient stoves in existence today, thanks to our TruHybrid technology.


Ultra Clean Combustion Systems

All of our wood stoves exceed 2020 EPA standards so you can be sure they burn clean today and for many years to come.

Our TruHybrid stoves burn cleanly and efficiently before and after you engage the catalyst. The system combines primary and secondary combustion with tertiary combustion using a catalyst to take care of any unburned smoke particles and gases.

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A diagram for how a soapstone stove functions

Our Materials

Each HearthStone is handcrafted using a combination of precision-made components in cast iron, soapstone, steel, ceramic, and various other materials. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures that your product will serve you faithfully for years to come.


Soapstone is a natural material that absorbs the high heat of a fire, then radiates a gentle heat into the room. Soapstone warms the objects in your home, not just the air, resulting in a comfortable, livable heat.

Cast Iron

Using selected raw and recycled material, our iron parts are produced in our foundry in Spain. Our modern casting facility guarantees durable, reliable, high-quality cast iron parts.

TruHybrid™ Catalysts

The catalysts used in our TruHybrid™ system are made from coated stainless steel to ensure a long life, few maintenance concerns, and reliably clean combustion.

& Options

Rear Heat Shield: 90-68300

Convection Blower: 90-57210

Outside Air Adapter: 90-53300

Hearthstone Castleton Soapstone stove in matte black

Installation & Resources

Castleton 8031 Spec Sheet

Castleton TruHybrid 8031 Sell Sheet


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25C tax credit certificate